Sudden Disruption of Businesses

Before the spread of the pandemic, some business owners had already made plans to increase the range of their business, and even their customer base. But the situation on ground now calls for drastic measure. Instead of branching out and expansion, what we have is stagnancy and closing up, and in some cases, building back up.

Impact of pandemic on businesses

This is not only true for small businesses, it also affected large businesses such that some of them had to build up their brands all over again. Apart from cutting budget, it can be noticed that due to the rise in unemployment, businesses would have less customers to feed. As if that has not caused enough damage, the fear people in the community face when going out to get their usual groceries or weekend package.

Business growth and flexibility

This disruption in plans is not utterly destructive as it came with added benefits and innovations and in some cases a spread and greater reach to people. Using the food business for example, at a point, restaurants had to close down to avoid crowding. This might look like a major setback in such businesses, but look at it in another dimension. What happens if after the lockdown has been eased the owner prepares readily packed meals and sells pack by pack to offices and individual that are too scared to go out in public but enjoy a good meal. This has definitely changed everything about the businesses logistics, but it has not entirely destroyed the business. It has brought about more growth and flexibility.
There are usually two sides of a coin meaning there are two major ways to see life. Seeing possibilities and seeing impossibilities. That simply means you choose the side you want, whether you want to give up or you want to break out.