What comes to your mind when you hear the word nature? For me it is majorly tourist attraction – water bodies, mountains, you know something that you can’t really explain its origin. Although I know that nature is much more than that, the plants, animals are also included in nature. But the above part of nature catch’s my fancy than the other parts.

Nature needs regeneration

It is sad to see that some people don’t understand that. All they see is the usefulness of nature and they exploit it without a plan for its regeneration or replacement. Some people have taken it to heart to protect and improve nature by taking care of it and turning it to a tourist attraction where people pay money to visit, and when you go back there in a few years, you see newer things, and in some cases expansions.
I also love the fact that people go out of their ways to tend a garden. They spend time, energy and resources for a small garden just inside their compound. And come summer, the whole place is full of beauty and pleasant smell.
Another thing that surprises me about nature is the fact that some people don’t notice it, and if they do, there is no desire to explore and that brings home the fact that everyone is different and we indeed have different nature’s.

Explore nature to nurture yourself

You can check out the nature bucket list for exciting places to visit or to just feed your eyes with. Who knows you might end up in any of them.
Before I end this I have two questions I want you to ponder on
What does nature mean to you?
What do you associate nature with?
I already answered the first question at the beginning, for the second question, I associate nature with beauty and mystery.